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My Story

Maria Liviero created Genesis2 based on personal and professional experience of her transformation processes from separation of self to integration. The difficult journey started being with the archetypal shadow bringing the authentic self to existence.

The company is called Genesis2 because of two reasons, firstly the word Genesis in Hebrew means "Origin", in (the) beginning, root, or start to exist.  I have taken the meaning to symbolise, we can begin, restart or re-create 'Now' not next week, or tomorrow, but this moment. Therefore, the present can start over at any moment, thus it is the origin the onset for something new, the root or point of letting go of the old for the new to enter.

Secondly, the number"2" is the chapter of the old testament Genesis.  From a transcendent perspective, the transgression of man can provide us an alternative rather seeing the abolishment from the Garden of Eden as a annihilation from God, but a journey of self discovery.

Yes, the pass as an influence on the present however we have the power to (re)create the present to make those changes, and knowing the power lies within us is the key to freedom from the bondage of self.


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